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TeleHealth Appointments

Teresa offers the convenience of secure, HIPAA-compliant "telehealth" virtual

video appointments for nutrition-counseling visits.

What is telehealth?

Also called "telemedicine", telehealth is an emerging field of medical services,

including nutritional-counseling appointments, conducted virtually via a secure,

HIPAA-compliant video conferencing interface.

What are the benefits?

Convenience! Patients meeting in virtual medical appointments save commute time, avoid traffic, and experience less stress surrounding their appointment, yet still have the highest level of care and face-to-face accountability with Teresa.

Are there any special considerations?

Yes, if you're using medical benefits, you must be in the state of Washington (the state in which I am credentialed through the Department of Health to conduct medical nutrition therapy).

We can also meet virtually if you're not using medical benefits. Contact me for the very affordable time-of-service reduced rates.

Who is eligible to use telehealth (virtual) services?    

1) Washington-state patients. 

2) Patients who are not using medical insurance benefits.

What you need for telehealth appointments

If secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth virtual nutrition-counseling video appointments are what you desire, you'll need:

  • High-speed internet

  • Chrome or Firefox web browser

  • Working camera built into or connected to your electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, computer, or laptop)

  • Working microphone built into or connected to your electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, computer, or laptop)

  • Quiet and private space (this is a medical appointment)

  • Patience (should any technical difficulties arise)

When you or Teresa schedules your telehealth (virtual) appointment, your appointment will be conducted through Teresa's virtual medical platform, a very user-friendly interface, with timely reminders, and convenient links to each upcoming appointment.

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